I was Ron Paul’s congressional communications director on Capitol Hill from late 2007 to early 2013. I worked closely with him through his presidential campaigns and remain one of his biggest fans. I trust his son Rand 100%. I am also the campaign manager for Libertarian Sean Haugh, running for US Senate in North Carolina in 2014. North Carolina is one of the closely watched Senate races with a weak Democrat incumbent.

So why is this Ron Paul girl helping the Sean Haugh, Libertarian for Senate campaign? After all, Rand Paul endorsed Thom Tillis, the GOP candidate. The GOP desperately wants a majority in the Senate and North Carolina is one of 6 states where there is a real shot at picking up a Republican seat. Polling suggests that Sean is getting more support than the gap between the R and the D, which opens him up for accusations of “spoiling” if you buy into that theory. (I might if you could put a gun to voters’ heads and force them to pick between two candidates, rather than just staying home.)

Sean is a friend and mentor of sorts. We go way back to when I first got involved in politics over a decade ago, before I even knew who Ron Paul was. I believe in Sean’s positions more than any other candidate (which is a very good reason) and also because he lets me.

I met with (Republican Senate primary candidate) Greg Brannon first in January of 2013 and detailed my experience, and let him know I was available to him in any capacity he needed. Anything at all. He seemed really enthused, thankful – blessed, even – to have someone like me available for his team. But as soon as he brought on an official campaign manager, I got the old “We’ll call you.” treatment. I never heard back. When I finally said heck with it and volunteered to help with a mailing, it was made very clear to me that I was not welcome to even do that. Perhaps I’ll never know why I was good enough to work side by side with Ron Paul for 5 years, but not good enough to lick envelopes for Brannon.  Greg Brannon lost.

After it was clear Brannon wasn’t having me, I approached Tillis. Told him I’d like to help him reach out to the liberty folks and bring the party together. I’m a pragmatic type and see this as a great approach. If you want them, let me help you understand them and figure out how to appeal to them. Let’s ask for their vote. “That sounds great. We’ll call you.” I waited a long time. I even went to his primary victory party and met all the key people in person. I was sincere in my offers to help. I understand though, that he had a ton of resumes flying around his head, of course, and by no means was I a shoe-in or entitled there either. I do think I would have been a smart hire. Fine to disagree.

Then Sean called. Together we developed a very simple way to spread a tangible, common sense liberty message, straight to the people, non-focus grouped, what you see is what you get, delivered by an everyman, not a politician. Sean and I together have the political experience to know the rules enough to properly break them – hence the beer on camera, the casual demeanor, etc. We are also on a shoestring so we have to consider what Sean can do well – and that is to just be himself.

Sean might not win, but look what we’ve accomplished together! A Washington Post reporter flew down JUST to interview Sean in my toy-strewn basement! And that was just the beginning. He’s had lots of national attention on all the major networks and is polling much stronger than expected. He’s even included in a debate! It’s been very professionally, though not financially, gratifying.

It’s not all my fault. Certainly the negatives of Hagan and Tillis have done more for Sean than I ever could. But my skills and my supportive role have certainly helped enable Sean to do his thing at a much higher level, I think it is fair to say. And there is a case to be made that he will cost Tillis what should have been a Republican victory against a very weak freshman incumbent.

But it’s really Tillis that will cost Tillis the election. He could have reached out to the tea party and the libertarian wings of the GOP much more effectively (or at all.) I could have been a part of that. That he had Rand Paul in for some campaign stops is neat. He also had Christie, Jeb Bush and even Lindsay Graham. McCain is expected. I don’t see Rand’s stops here as Tillis understanding and embracing anything about liberty, but as political opportunism on Tillis’s part and as Rand being a good Republican on his part. It is one thing to hear Rand ask for the liberty vote on behalf of Tillis. We need to hear Tillis sing our song a little bit, too.

But like HELL do we want a Lindsay Graham representing North Carolina in the US Senate. It is unclear – by design – if Tillis would ally more with Graham or Paul if elected. To channel Nancy Pelosi, I guess you just have to elect him to find out where he stands.

If Tillis loses to Hagan, Sean will get pelted with hate mail, possibly even death threats.

But the GOP needs to figure one thing out, hopefully before 2016: It is becoming more and more apparent that you can’t win without us. Used to be you couldn’t win without the evangelicals. We are now the evangelicals. Might take you a cycle or two more, GOP, but that is a lesson you will just have to learn. How painful it is to learn is really up to you.

Threaten to drown us one more time.

Or maybe the Democrats will figure out to reach out to us before you finally do… Is that what you want?

GOP, frankly, you need people like me to help you find your soul again, and to figure out better messaging in the process. Unfortunately for you, I am not a wallflower. Especially in a race this interesting, in a state this important.

We liberty folks make better friends than… well, not friends. Sure, we have some rabble rousers in the mix, but if you want to find the reasonable ones and work together, you can and you will. Or ignore us and lose. Obviously, the ball is in your court.

The fact is, I am going to work for liberty where ever I am. My vision for liberty activists is that we are legion and we are everywhere. We don’t have to concentrate ourselves all on the same bandwagon or the same “team”. We couldn’t all possibly come to a consensus on what team or strategy that would be anyway!

Liberty should be everywhere, on all sides. Liberty-minded folk should be working and influencing where ever and however they can – in both parties, in no party, in government, in the private sector, in education, in healthcare, in the military, on juries, on the school board, on the police force, in the Free State, in every other state, everywhere. On Facebook, on Twitter, comments sections and message boards and then also back at Liberty.me to lick wounds. Everywhere. Ann Coulter should be checking under her bed at night for us.

So yeah, that’s why I am helping the Sean Haugh campaign. Because he lets me.

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