Wednesday morning opened with news of a horrific shooting of two journalists that occurred during a live shot and was thus captured on air to the horror of whoever was watching. As the day progressed, we saw CNN and Fox begin the usual wall-to-wall coverage, breaking news, interviews of locals, press conferences, not only delving into the personal lives of the victims, but especially the shooter.

We learn it wasn’t a love triangle, actually, as I had originally guessed, it was more of a disgruntled employee thing, and beyond that, a racial thing. The shooter was black and gay and felt he had been racially bullied or some such thing at work, so he went to a live shot and shot up current employees of his former place of employ.

As I type this CNBC is saying there is no known motive.

Seriously? You can’t figure this one out? As with previous shootings, the gunman wrote out a manifesto, which we are now all curious about. He did this LIVE on air. He sent messages in advance to major news outlets. He had a go-pro capturing his own perspective on the shootings and posted video to social media as one of his last acts before shooting himself. Copies are being posted as fast as Youtube can take them down, ditto for the 1:30 minute clip of the broadcast. And you can’t think of a motive?

It took 5 seconds for the anti-gun types to make this about gun control. Stop gun violence.

The gun was just the means. A knife attack would have been just as effective. Maybe more so.

His motive was obviously attention. And you’re giving it to him. You’re legitimizing his actions by giving him the celebrity he planned for. He paid the price for this celebrity with his victims’ blood. And you’re giving him wall-to-wall coverage.

Don’t think he’s the last of our crazies. They are out there watching. He certainly was watching previous shootings. He was a fan of the Virginia Tech shooting and Columbine. He was watching all that coverage carefully, thinking… thinking…

There are more disgruntled, overlooked, unsatisfied, entitled jerks out there with very little or nothing left to lose. They desperately seek the attention they are not getting in life. They are watching you give this guy and all the others attention in death. Only in death and through violence.

But you can’t just kill yourself and leave a manifesto…

Think about the next victims. You are motivating their murder with your wall-to-wall coverage. The crazies see that if you just create enough horror, kill a pretty blond, someone known in the community, kill a nice grandmotherly type, and anyone else who happens to be around, you too can be an important part of the news cycle and finally –FINALLY – be heard. That is the message you are sending, and you will have blood on your hands when the next one strikes.

You talk about gun control and gun violence. That is just the means. I’m talking about the motive. The attention. What is more powerful? To take away a criminal’s means, or motive?

Imagine if this and stories like it just remained (appropriately) a tragic local news story, like any run-of-the-mill tragic local car accident? Give it a moment’s coverage and then let the families grieve in peace? The shooter? Some unhinged jerk who doesn’t matter.

If you could make it so that he and his victims all died in vain, you’d make this tactic of getting attention a lot less intriguing to others out there.

So my plea is this: for the sake of future Alison Parkers and Adam Wards, please move on from this story QUICKLY. Else there will just be more like it filling up our feeds.

There are better ways to fill up the 24 hour news cycle.