Just a real quick thought and commentary.

I got 5 inches chopped off my hair today while the tots were in preschool. (I adore those 3 hours to myself! Ahhhhhh!!!)

I am happy with the results and with my shorter hair. (It was holdin’ me back, man. Needed something more aerodynamic, I told a friend, who dutifully bemoaned my decision.)

But I hadn’t planned ahead enough to make an appointment, so I walked in to a cheap-o place, took the first available stylist. Which is what I usually do in these days of frantic mommyhood. I have generally had positive results. I always take their card, as I did today, and I always vow to request them next time because that matters to their business model. But then it comes right down to it and I have a free moment and have not made an appointment. So this is what happens, and what likely will happen again. And for me it will be fine.

I’ve been to the expensive salons before. In DC I had Megyn Kelly’s stylist. Now that Megyn is based in NYC, she sometimes flies my former stylist up just to do her hair. I loved my life in DC. I met that lady at a piano bar…

But the truth is I’ve never really found spending more money to equate to a better outcome. A better experience, yes. Nicer surroundings, maybe a glass of wine or something. But not an appreciably better haircut, really.

Actually the more I spend, the more the stylist seems to recoil in horror at my shampoo choices. Why is that? They just want to sell me THEIR product, I guess.

Could be that I’m not picky or that my hair is pretty easy to get right. I don’t know. But I got out of there with a cut I’m happy with and the bill was under $50 with tip.

Random thoughts with Rachel…